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The Coral Hull Collection

Sea Iguana, Santiago Island (2001)

Blue-Footed Boobie, North Seymour Island (2001)

Sally-Lightfoot Crab, North Seymour Island (2001)

Galapogas Mockingbird, Dragon Hill (2001)

Land Iguana, Dragon Hill (2001)

Albatross, Hood Island (2001)

Sea Lion, North Seymour Island (2001)

Giant Land Tortoise, Santa Cruz Island (2001)

Flamingo, Floreana Island (2001)

Brown Pelican, Floreana Island (2001)

Lava Cactus, Bartholomew Island (2001)

Blue-Footed Boobie 2, North Seymour Island (2001)

Great Frigate Birds, The Sulidae (2001)

Sea Iguana, Hood Island (2001)

Green Sea Urchin Skeleton, Santiago Island (2001)

Lava Lizard, Hood Island (2001)

Great Frigate Bird, The Sulidae (2001)

Coral Hull was born in Paddington, New South Wales, Australia in 1965. She is a full time writer and the Editor of Thylazine; an electronic journal of contemporary Australian art and literature on landscape and animals. She completed a Doctor of Creative Arts Degree at the University of Wollongong in 1998. Her work has been published extensively in literary magazines in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Her published books are; In The Dog Box Of Summer in Hot Collation, Penguin Books Australia, 1995, Williamís Mongrels in The Wild Life, Penguin Books Australia, 1996, Broken Land, Five Islands Press, 1997, How Do Detectives Make Love?, Penguin Books Australia, 1998, and Zoo (with John Kinsella), Paperbark Press, 2000.


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