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2 Ft. Taxi

2 ft. Taxi was conceived by CJ in 1995. Armed with lyrics, beats, electric guitars and a Tascam 4-track, he began recording some songs he'd written. Little did he know that his old friend Justin Hoxie was doing the same thing 100 miles North in Dover, NH. Throughout the nineties they shared ideas, information and tracks. 2 ft. Taxi finally came to fruition in 1999 when Justin moved back to his hometown of Sandwich, Massachusetts.

After months of jamming, they recorded their debut LP 'The Politics of Contraband' in the Spring of 2000. It has 10 songs and clocks in around 35 minutes (complete mp3 download on our homepage).

With the addition of rock solid Bassist Shaun Silva in 2001 the boys were ready to play live. Since 2001, 2 ft. Taxi have released several singles exclusively through, including two EP’s and a Christmas jingle. The band is currently mixing their long awaited follow-up LP to ‘The Politics of Contraband’. Recorded throughout 2004, it’s tentatively titled ‘Throwing Monkeywrenches’ and looks to be released in the fall of 2005.

2 ft. Taxi produce their own material in a home studio located on Cape Cod and remain true to their original vision of bringing like-minded musicians together for the purpose of flooding the world with useless music. Guest musicians are always welcomed in their studio where the focus is on good music, not egos. The band currently has over 2 hours of original material -- a catalog of over 25 songs. Their songs vary in genre from Punk to Metal to Blues to Rap. They've recently been experimenting with Techno and House, and mixing them with elements of Rock. 2 ft. Taxi knows no boundaries and refuses to become pigeonholed.

2 Ft. Taxi releases:
The Rules (2002)
Santa Come A Ringin' (2002)
The EP (2001)
The Politics of Contraband (2000)

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