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posted 09.14.2022: other
- I did Facebook. Had Twitter. Both over. What big fat social media site do I traffic in these days? I dig Reddit.

It's topical, moderated, and comparatively civil. I won't tell you my username and it's nice that I don't have to, and that you may not automatically know it's me up there. Hey, you might figure it out, in which case, more power to you, mi amigo.

posted 09.10.2022: other
Triumph Over The Grave
- Death, death, death online, that's what we're selling. Following on our barbaric adventures with guinea fowl (which I could not bring myself to eat, by the way), I log on to share with you the recommendation to a short story by the late Denis Johnson, an author I took notice of only upon his death, which I read about in The New Yorker several years ago.

"Triumph Over The Grave" it's called, and it can be found in his collection entitled The Largesse of the Sea Maiden.

That's it. That's all this time.

posted 09.04.2022: other
Murder Most Fowl
- Monika's avowed mistake in ordering numerous straight-run guinea fowl meant today was guinea killin' day. For the uninitiated in birdkeeping, "straight run" refers to the acquisition of chicks whose gender has not been determined, meaning you can expect around fifty percent to be those undesirables... males. If you're in it for the eggs, that is.

And we are. In it for the eggs. These guinea fowl? Eight males and only three females, as it turns out. Some dudes gotta go in the boiling pot.

Now me, I'd not yet decapitated anything in my life until this morning, so as executioner you might say I'm a little green around the ears. Upside down in the "poultry cone" (my new hardcore band name), the bird didn't make its considerable neck available whatsoever. And who could blame it, me standing there with a rusty axe? So we figured, perhaps we should knock it out with bee-bee shot, and then it will "hang loose", and then we can cut it off.

I'd also never fired this bee-bee gun of ours before. Let's say I was surprised by its power. I didn't knock out the bird; I blew its brains out. Convulsions ensued, the head flopping about spurting blood, as I fumbled with the axe, chopping clumsily not once, or twice, but a total of five times before finally managing to sever the hideous head.

You might ask, what is the moral of this story?

Yeah. I wondered that, too.

posted 09.03.2022: other
- Since I talked about GPK, let's talk about comic books. I've been mad for comic books since the age of ten. The degree of escapism they afford is in the range medically necessary for me. Lest you think I read them recreationally.

There was a time I became too cool for comics, lost my head and followed girls around instead. From about age seventeen through my early thirties, a black hole exists in my comics life. But then I discovered the pure childhood joy again, of reading and collecting. I've always been a Marvel kid, so the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has also been rejuvenating.

posted 09.01.2022: other
- Garbage Pail Kids. Still love the darn things. Remember these? Those nasty Cabbage Patch Kid spoof trading cards? Like everyone, I marked up the checklists and never saw them again after 1990.

Check out one of the coolest, most complete homage sites I've ever seen,

posted 08.19.2022: other
Content and Form
- I started this website a long time ago in an effort to share content. In the ensuing years I became obsessed with the formats and modes in which content is presented, effectively disappearing up my own asshole. As this realization ferments, I'm finding the motivation to share content once again. These seedling thoughts are the beginning.

Here's where I'm not headed anytime soon: to the blockchain. Reddit just offered me a fancy "free" avatar, a sort of NFT that I can store in my handy "vault" with a password... so nobody can steal my... what is it again? My imaginary free GIF, or something. Thanks, I'm good. It may be that future iterations of blockchain-enabled functionality will blow my mind and melt my face, but right now this stuff is inane.

posted 08.13.2022: other
The Lure of Postmodernism
- Admittedly slogging my way through Ratner's Star by Don DeLillo, I'm nonetheless drawn to the style, as a writer. Permission to make zero sense desired. But as a reader, it's still not my favorite experience.

Something akin to postmodernism, I think, will start to appear on this website, but the hope is, with a little more sense involved. A reader should be able to walk the throughline, or at least feel they know the character that is speaking to them. I'll be developing this and other messages here, as well as tweaking the medium, this website.

If by some odd miracle you read this, ahoy! Check again soon.

audiofunhouse posted 07.30.2022: audiofunhouse
Ball and Chain Unite
- As a teaser of hopefully more to come, here's a single our house band put together a short time ago. This is actually the band webpage at the moment. We try to get together as often as we can.

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The Afterparty
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