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The Helga Neeraas Collection

Goddess (2002)

Pan (2002)

Andromeda (1996)

When Light Breaks Through Darkness It Moves (1996)

Selfportrait (1996)

Oil Mural (1998)

Pinnacle (1999)

Helga Neeraas was born on the 2nd of September, 1961 with Leo rising, in the Northwest of Norway. She was involved with music early on, her hometown being known for its annual opera. She studied comparative religion as well as history of the theatre. She then traveled around Europe and worked. Still she had always wanted to be an artist. Fighting to escape the treadmill she started evening classes in Sweden, living and working there between 1989 and 1996. A Swedish citizen since 1996, she attended art school at Gotland where Andromeda was put together. She then moved to England to do a vocational training as stonecarver. All along she has taken courses in, worked with and learned printmaking. She has also had two murals commissioned for Indian restaurants in England where she currently resides.


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