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audiofunhouse posted 07.30.2022: audiofunhouse
Ball and Chain Unite
- As a teaser of hopefully more to come, here's a single our house band put together a short time ago. This is actually the band webpage at the moment. We try to get together as often as we can.

posted 07.23.2022: other
Is This Thing On?
- Oh, the neglected website! If the medium is the message, then the message has been "I'm dead, or close to it." Happily not true. There's still fire in the furnace. I've been retooling for over a decade now, becoming a better developer, and learning the bass. And so on. Drop in again in a few months, and maybe, just maybe we'll have some real news for you. -Marcus

posted 07.09.2013: garden of blog
Dads of Disability
- I am supporting the Kickstarter campaign for a book in progress called Dads of Disability. This is a unique project being led by the very capable and sincere Gary Dietz, himself the father of a son with a disability. The campaign is only running until August 9, 2013. Don’tcha wanna click the feelgood link and [...]

posted 12.24.2012: garden of blog
Happy Holidays
- Happy Holidays from the Del Grecos.

posted 11.30.2012: garden of blog
- We had a few technical difficulties at and went offline for some hours. We should be back up shortly.

posted 02.06.2012: garden of blog
More Notes on Keith Jarrett
- While Keith Jarrett Karaoke may have been my first reaction to encountering this music, I am starting to feel it on a deeper level. Listening to Jarrett, I’m amazed at what must possess him to emit such odd vocalizations. They are certainly some sort of dialect that has a direct relationship to the music. [...]

posted 07.29.2011: garden of blog
Reports from OSCON 2011
- [reposted from] Here I am once more at the best organized open source gathering in the world, OSCON. This is my third trip to Portland, OR for this event, having attended in 2008 and 2010. Portland is a modern and vibrant, lush, young, exciting. I would live here in a heartbeat. This time [...]

posted 06.29.2011: garden of blog
Report from YAPC::NA 2011, Asheville, NC
- Well, here I am in gorgeous Asheville, NC for my third YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) North America, taking place June 27-29th. This is by far the nicest of the three conference settings so far (I previously attended YAPC::NA at the University of Houston and at Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh). Asheville is a charming college town [...]

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A Peak Under the Covers
by Jay Hanson: This essay outlines the underlying problem with reliance on fossil fuels.... and where this is leading us.

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